Jazz Market by The Sea

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Jazz Market by the Sea 2015 : Celebrating Indonesia's Heritage

'Jazz Market by the Sea' is an annual community based event comprising of colorful music combined with market feel environment and cultural activities.

Proud to be Indonesian, our objective is to promote growing Indonesian talents with a special emphasis on creative collaborations and improvisations of traditional Indonesian and jazzy music.

Inspired by traditional Balinese market; pasar seni, the Market highlights where the action of community centers around. It is in this hustle and bustle where people can have insight into real culture. Around 80 unique stalls from: food and beverage, fashion, art and crafts.

The event is held to create awareness about preserving Indonesia's natural heritage.

'Jazz Market by the Sea' will take place on Friday, 14th, Saturday, 15th and Sunday, 16th August 2015 from 2pm until 11pm.

Our Passion :

Our themes stem from areas of our concern…

We want to collaborate with likeminded people and to bring communities together under a shared passion.

Indonesia, we care about…



1. MUSIC : Cultural Diversity & Talent Regeneration

2. TRADE : Indonesian Products (SMEs)

3. NATURAL HERITAGE : Biodiversity & Nature


Our Approach :

In order to make an impact.. Everything we do, how we go about our actions and execute our activities must have any of the following nature.




1. ENGAGING : Interesting and unique

2. EDUCATING : Informative

3. ENRICHING : Value adding and impacting

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

"The most awaited annual Indonesian festival in the region, where families can interact and intermingle with and through music, art, education and social activities."

Our Mission

  • To promote & give platform for Indonesian talents and creativity
  • To engage, enrich & educate our guests through Jazz Market by The Sea.
  • To serve the community (CSR).


Our Values (VIVRE)

  • Vibrant : We inject life into everything we do with enthusiasm and positivism.
  • Innovative : Jazz Market is a trend setter not a follower of other event festivals in Indonesia.
  • Virtuous : We do things with transparency and in honesty.
  • Reliable : We take full responsibility of our roles and walk the talk…
  • Empathy Service : We respect cultures and social expressions of others.