Jazz Market by The Sea Day 2

Jazz Market by The Sea is an annual cultural event that showcase talents of Indonesia through music, art, education and social activities.

A three-day cultural festival set in a beautiful garden by the sea. The return of Jazz Market by The Sea 2013 is in conjunction with Indonesia’s Independence weekend, taking place from Friday, 16th - Sunday, 18th August 2013 from 2pm until 10pm at Taman Bhagawan, Tanjung Benoa, Bali.

This year’s Jazz Market is one not to miss!

Uniquely creative musical collaborations have been formed in celebration of Indonesia’s Independence, combining some of traditional performances including Kecak, Janger, Gamelan and Keroncong. Legendary Ireng Maulana, ESQI:EF (Syaharani and Queenfireworks), Balawan, Barry Likumahuwa, Sandy Winarta Quartet, Dialog Dini Hari, Widi Noor Fusion, Lisa Soul are just a few talents colouring this 3rd Jazz Market by the Sea weekend.

Syaharani said, ‘At this year’s Jazz Market, I will perform with my team ESQI:EF and we will play decorative jazzy roots music. As requested by the organiser, we are preparing a change of arrangement from one of our songs, to be a little more ethnic and to collaborate with Balinese percussion. This special formation is also to celebrate our Independence Day!’

‘I’m excited and glad to be part of this festival, especially with my special project to be performed at Jazz Market 2013’ quoted Sandy Winarta, which continued to express that, ‘it is not just about the collaboration of sounds, but what really matters is the collaboration of the spirit and the philosophy of music and putting together the arts’.

Jazz Market is a festival like no other as it thrives to engage and enrich the audience through education. A dedicated music coaching area, initiated by respective bands and music schools, aims to promote musical awareness and acts as a catalyst to develop the regeneration of Indonesian musicians.

Our scheduled interactive workshops will not only address cultural topics like ethnomusicology by expert Dr. Irwansyah Harahap, batik but also aims to inspire people where Syaharani and other talents will share their personal testimonies about their journey.

The Market concept is inspired by the traditional ‘pasar seni’ in Bali, where the local community comes together in a colourful market environment, full of hustle and bustle and bargain opportunities. Here visitors will gain insight into real culture.

Adding festivity to this event is a multitude of market stalls, featuring stroll-around traditional cuisine, refreshing beverages, handicrafts, amusements and plenty of engaging activities for children, including arts and crafts, kite making and many more.